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If you want a quality repair / laptop service, you need to choose a repair specialist. i-flow systems is a leading company in providing services for laptops. Located in Chennai, it has qualified, experienced and certified engineers able to repair / Service any type of laptop problem, we make life to your dead laptops. Our Laptop Service Center in chennai / i-flow systems help your laptop all brands, regardless of the trained technicians, to evaluate and solve the problem of your laptop.
It does not matter if it is a hardware or software problem, we will look for the cause of the problem and offer you the most efficient and economical solution. The i-flow systems service is performed by reliable experts who use original parts. We strive to create a lasting relationship with our customers by providing reliable, courteous, professional and secure services, and we will ensure that our service standards are met at all times.

Laptop Service Specialist in

Laptop - Chip Level Service

Whether the motherboard of your laptop requires a complex "chip or component level" repair, our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers will take care of everything. We are among the few we provide. We offer a fast and reliable motherboard repair service up to the component level. If necessary, we must repair or replace components n motherboars , such as VGA / NVIDIA graphc chips, power or cpu core ICs, I / O ports, and necessary electronic components.

Common faults that generally mean a motherboard failure:

  • Dead laptop – no power
  • Distorted or corrupt graphics
  • Laptop powers on but does not boot up
  • No image displayed on screen
  • Wifi device not working
  • Windows not booting / Blue screen Error
  • HP Motherboard Service
  • Lenovo Motherboard Service
  • Acer Dell Motherboard Service
  • Asus Motherboard Service
  • Sony Motherboard Service
  • Toshiba Dell Motherboard Service
  • Compaq Motherboard Service

Malware Removal Service

In our Laptop Service center in Chennai, we provide a trusted software which is Specialist in the elimination of computer viruses and spyware in Chennai, this center offers comprehensive solutions to analyze your computer thoroughly and eliminate computer viruses, spyware and malware at very competitive prices. Whether you're trying to prevent your computer from detecting a virus or you're already having problems with it, we can help. We can eliminate viruses and spyware and restore your system to be in perfect health. In addition, we will ensure that your computer is protected in the best possible way. Many modern computer viruses can infect your computer even if an antivirus program is installed. They can even escape antivirus programs and it is difficult to remove them by all the traditional steps. But we can help you because we have the knowledge and experience to manually get rid of computer viruses or malicious items, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware and malicious apps that need to be removed.

Best antivirus, spyware and malware removal service includes:

  • Run a scan to detect any computer virus or spyware and have this removed
  • Clean and remove unwanted files such as temporary files, cache and cookies
  • Run Disk Clean up wizard
  • Check and activate software firewall and Internet security settings.
  • If you do not have internet security software we will install Microsoft Security Essentials free of charge.
  • Update critical Windows files, Service Packs and available Anti virus software.

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard drives store all of our important business and personal data, whether it's databases, documents, emails and contracts, or family photos taken on vacation or with a first-born. The horror comes when we realize that we have suddenly lost our precious data. It's like losing your house keys and you do not have spare keys to go home. Suddenly, your information is blocked. Do not feel! Fortunately, Data Recovery Lab is at the forefront of hard drive recovery and is able to handle all data loss scenarios.

Professional Data recovery services vs DIY Data recovery

The most important question the customer should ask at this point is the degree of impossibility he attributes to his lost data and whether or not he is willing to risk not recovering it. If the data is less critical and you can recover some or most of it from other sources, such as a backup tape or an external hard drive, you may be able to afford to try the recovery of DIY hard drive and see if you can download software over the internet and see if there is a possibility of data recovery. However, if your data is critical and you can not recover it from other sources, you should consider using a reputable professional hard disk recovery service provider, such as Data Recovery Lab.

Advanced Data Recovery Techniques & Facilities

Data Recovery Lab has developed its own proven methods and techniques over many years of experience in hard drive recovery. With our advanced unit recovery lab in Chennai, we can provide a world class hard drive recovery service. Whatever the cause of your hard drive or its cause, we can recover the data from the defective hard drive and send it back to a new external hard drive in good condition.

Common Data Loss Causes

There are many things that can happen to a hard drive and cause a loss of data. Depending on the extent of the damage, there are different options for recovering the hard drive. As a company experienced in hard drive recovery. We will give you the best recovery opportunity when the hard drive will not be operational for any of the following reasons:
  • An electronic failure
  • Mechanical failure due to shock or knock
  • Corruption / Data Corruption Volume
  • Degraded read-write heads
  • Overwritten Data

Hard Drive Recovery Services

We have been trained to perform hard drive recovery by major hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, and Toshiba to open hard drive for the purpose of data recovery without invalidating warranty.

Power section related Problem Services

We provide a fast and competitive repair of the laptop power connector, but we do not allow cost and time considerations that prevent us from providing the highest level of service. We have the experience to quickly diagnose power outages and suggest the most economical power connector repair. If the problem is a loose power connector, we can solder it back to the motherboard. However, we may need to replace the entire power connector if it was broken. We maintain a good stock of spare parts, including power connectors and chargers for all laptops and netbooks.

If you have the following problems with your laptop it is most likely to be the DC Jack (Power Socket)

  • Laptop Battery will not charge
  • Loose DC Jack
  • Laptop does not turn on (No power)
  • Power changes from AC to Battery
  • Often loses power intermittently
  • Screen Flickering from Light to Dim

Keyboard Replacement Service

The keyboard of the laptop is one of the most common elements of a laptop that works poorly. Regardless of the problem you may encounter with the keyboard of your laptop, notebook, netbook and ultrabook, we can restore all the features at affordable prices. Laptop Keyboard Repair is one of the specialized services we offer and we can solve any problem with your keys or the entire keyboard. An electronic defect; We can replace or repair your keyboard for all models and makes of laptop, netbook, ultrabook and notebook computers such as IBM, Acer, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Packard Bell, Siemens, HP, Gateway, Sony, Lenovo and Alienware.

Our Laptop keyboard replacement:

Most keyboard failures result from accidental damage, such as spilled liquids or excessive force. All that is wrong with your laptop's keyboard, missing keys, liquid damage, key drop or component failure, we can diagnose and perform a quick and economical repair. We have the experience necessary to diagnose faults quickly and accurately and to carry out the appropriate repair of the keypad in each case:mechanical failure due to knocks or knocks;

  • Cleaning crumbs and dirt from under the keys to prevent keys from sticking or not working.
  • Replacing damaged and not working keys or keys that have missing off, if the keyboard key layer are still in good condition .
  • Keyboard replacement is necessary if the key fixing area of the keyboard are damaged or liquid spills.

Software Upgradation Service

The main part of this service involves the diagnosis of failures. Computers are complex things! At present, many of the problems we're seeing are due to viruses or the fact that your Windows operating system is out of date. People also have problems when they come to switch to a new broadband service. Most problems can be solved without having to replace any part.
If a component failure is diagnosed, our engineer can provide you with a quote for the required part. If you wish to continue, we will install the new part, because we take with us some common parts, or we organize the recovery and repair. All components are supplied new and are covered by a full 12-month warranty.
You can also update what you already have, for example to increase the speed of your computer, or you may need more storage. As we are an independent company, we can offer you impartial advice on what to buy next. Remember, we can see the best and the worst of what exists!

Otherwise, you may need more help with your purchase. What about our personalized shopping service?

Our computer engineers can diagnose and correct compatibility issues and browse the Internet with your Microsoft® operating system. We can also configure, install, and configure your Microsoft® operating system to suit your needs and specifications. We can also help you upgrade the latest versions of your software and drivers to optimize your Microsoft® operating system to help you maximize your performance.

Laptop Hinges Rework Service

Laptop hinges are one of the most fragile components and can easily be damaged by accident or wear over time. Laptops are designed to be portable and are therefore vulnerable to accidental breakage in the event of a fall or shock to the laptop. The hinges of the laptop can also wear out over time due to rips and objects. Based in Chennai, we offer fast and economical laptop hinge repair in India for all notebook models, including Acer,HP,Lenovo, Dell, Asus and more. Contact us today to repair the hinge of your laptop and replace its case.

Our Laptop Hinges Repair service include :

  • Laptop hinge repair
  • Laptop hinge brackets repair
  • Laptop hinge joint repair
  • Laptop hinge bolts repair
  • Laptop hinge jig replacement
  • Laptop hinges fix
  • Repair broken hinges on laptop
  • Repairs broken laptop hinge
  • Laptop hinge cover replacement
  • Laptop lid repairs
  • Broken laptop hinge repair
  • Laptop broken lids fixing
  • Laptop hinge repairing
  • Laptop computer hinges replace

Broken Laptop Rework Service

In addition to replacing broken or broken LCDs, we can also solve backlight problems for laptops for all makes and models of laptops. We can even fix it for all notebook makers, including Acer, Dell, Alienware, Lenovo, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, and Packard Bell. Repairs can save a lot of money because often a new screen is not needed. The process of repairing the backlight of our laptop begins with a screen inverter test, which powers the backlight. This is a map inside the screen that generates more than 1000 volts. If the inverter is not to blame, we will test the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) and, if it is broken, we will replace it. You see, if the CCFL's laptop is faulty, most repairers will tell you that you have to replace the entire screen because they can not or can not replace a backlight, but that's not the case in Laptop PAL. . We can replace the LED baclight strip 90% of the time, saving you at least half the price of a new screen. Cold cathode tube problems usually come in the form of a whistling sound, a red glow on the LCD screen, or simply no backlighting. As part of our service package, we can offer a laptop motherboard repair service for all makes and models, including Acer, Lenovot, Alienware, Asus , Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu. , HP, Acer and Packard Bell, up to the component level.

We can fix the following issues and much more :

  • Dead laptop
  • Distorted graphics
  • No image displayed